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icing and write sam of my latest obsession

I have a little good news to share with you all. The beautiful Sam (pictured above) from My Latest Obsession was so nice to give me a pretty cool interview feature on her blog today! I'm still over the moon because of it. She's such a sweetheart! And I swear my heart went pitter patter out of shock and excitement when she asked me if I would be interested to do a mini interview for her blog.

To be honest, I really didn't think I deserve that kind of spotlight, but still this feels so AMAZING! It's such an honor. So thank you again, Sam! You made my day big time! :)

Hop on Sam's blog here to read the entire interview.


My camera family

My insane love for photos has led to the continuous increase of cameras that I have. Currently, I own three cameras: a Nikon D5100, a Nikon 1 V1 and a Nikon Coolpix S6200. Yes. I seem to be growing a mini Nikon family of cameras here. It wasn't really intentional since the Coolpix was just a freebie when I got the V1 recently. I was actually set on getting a pink J1 which I blogged about here, but the free vouchers and free digicam lured me into upgrading to V1 instead.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am in no way an expert when it comes to photography. In fact, I think I know very little about it and my ultra crappy shots can attest to this. I still have a lot of learning to do to even be considered okay. I initially planned on joining a photography club based here, attend workshops or something just to learn the basics but my shyness (I don't have steady hands too) always gets the best of me. Maybe someday. I hope.

As crazy as it may sound, I'm still trying to come up with cute names for my Nikon babies (suggestions?). I've always been known for my weird habit of naming gadgets I own and some of my friends even find it funny. But I strongly believe that people would tend to take better care of important items such as gadgets (or even credit cards) when they name them since it's like creating a more personal relationship with them. If you have a some sort of personal connection with the important things you own, you'd feel bad and guilty hurting or overusing them, right? Try it and let me know if it works with you too. :)

My white Nikon 1 V1. Aside from the free digicam and store vouchers, its electronic viewfinder  with its higher LCD screen resolution was the reason I purchased it.

This was the Coolpix digital camera that came with the above as freebie. I always carry it around with me. It's also white, compact and really cute. Not bad for something you got for free, right?

These are the V1 and the Coolpix side by side. I'm really digging their white color a whole lot! I decided not to get the pink one I originally wanted. I think this is me finally growing up. Haha!

Now meet my growing Nikon mini family! All three of them together. Aren't they adorable?

I really envy those people who have the talent to take awesome photos. I hope someday I learn the know-how too in order to put these cameras to good use.

Do you love photography too? Any advice you can share with an aspiring photographer like me? I would really appreciate it.


Color me happy

Minty fresh and soft teal are really big this season and I totally love seeing them everywhere. These colors exude so much life and trigger instant happiness without being overwhelming. Just by looking at them inspires me to imagine and hope for wonderful and adorable things in the future.

Here's some more burst of mints and teals from all over. Stay inspired! :)

the color palette of my dream wedding

this is how every beautiful bedroom and dining area should look like

pretty marshmallow bag, anyone?

a killer cute combo
and with the scorching weather outside today, of course I just have to add this lovely print


Links Love: Scream Ice Cream

This merciless summer season has given me a valid excuse to eat more and more ice cream on a regular basis. If only I can eat ice cream daily without gaining weight in the process of course, that would be heaven.

Hosting a fun ice cream party sounds like a great idea.
A hefty serving of the sweetest happiness in a glass
I'm not sure what these are (they could be soaps or something) but they look very much like ice cream to me.

These two kitties just melt my heart completely.

It's Friday, which means lovely Dubai weekend is finally here again. Keep it cool, guys! :)


The Avengers Initiative

I'm still on a total The Avengers high. We finally watched it last night with friends the mall and the wait was totally worth it. This movie rocks my socks big time and we can't help but shamelessly rave about its awesomeness non-stop. I wanna watch it again! It's so amazing how each hero had their fair share of the spotlight. Iron Man's lines were way too funny, but the big guy with the few words took my heart totally. Now I want a Marvel marathon soon.
Image from Weheartit.


Playing favorites

Life has been throwing major curveballs lately. I don't completely understand how and why I ended up here, but I am accepting these new challenges with an open heart and open mind. I am thankful and overwhelmed for having a wonderful family, friends and colleagues who have shown me unconditional love. They support me during this very difficult time. No questions asked. They just do.

The blogosphere community is also filled with so much loving and amazing people. You really find rare treasures from the most surprising moments and strangest instances! Thanks to everyone who has sent their well wishes and words of wisdom via email and Twitter. Seriously, I wish I could all bake you some cupcakes or something to say thanks. You're the coolest! :)

Anyway, I have decided to play favorites today and quote posts and entries that have made me smile and given me inspiration. Hopefully, these would also throw some positivity and lightness your way. I realized that you really don't have to look far because inspirations and uplifting words are everywhere. We live in a very beautiful world. Life is beautiful. Here are my favorites:

Stephanie from The Loudmouth Lifestyle in her entry "List :: Resolutions, Revisited":
Always forgive, never forget, and stay positive. This is something I work towards every day. Even though I've been hurt time and again, focusing on those instances only hurts me more. Some days are harder than others, but I like to believe that I'm building character and becoming a better person as a result. I have much to be grateful for, and I try to concentrate on that!

Amber guest-posted for Kate from Scathingly Brilliant the other day and wrote this post "Ten Ways to Fix a Bad Day":
Remember that tomorrow is a new day. I know that none of these tips are revolutionary, but on rotten days, a smile really goes a long way. Just remember that everyone has bad days—the bad days just make the good days even sweeter. The sun will rise again. What seems insurmountable by evening will lighten up by morning-- I promise.

Melissa from Bubby and Bean in her post "When the Madness Ends":
In the cycles of our lives, there will be many times like this - times where the madness comes to an end, and we turn corners, and we watch good things appear.  The older I get, and the more I experience, the more I see the truth in this.  Something substantial will always undoubtedly arise from those times where we're wading through the crap.

Last but not the least, the cool people from Free People's "Monday Quote": 
“Life is like a camera lens. Focus only on what’s important and you will capture it perfectly.” ~ Unknown

My heart is filled with nothing but gratitude, love and praises for Him. I am now struggling to pick up the broken pieces. It may not be perfectly whole again but I am hopeful that in His perfect time, it will mend. This too shall pass.

God bless us all. :)

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