Pretty Monday Favorites: Booknerd Dreams

With all the free time I have this Ramadan, my goal to read atleast 26 books before I turn 27 this December is looking pretty good and I couldn't get any prouder with my progress. I've been reading non-stop and enjoying the down time so much. I think I'll have to replenish my reading list soon with new book titles. :)

The increasing hype over the book Fifty Shades of Grey got me a little curious to give it a go. Just not sure if it's available here since I read somewhere that the book is apparently banned here in Dubai. Did anyone of you read it already? How did you find it?

the perfect pretty little corner to read 
reading is dreaming with open eyes

this cute print would be perfect for my dream library
this has happened to me many times
this is the best reading position, agree?
reading is sexy

this looks dreamy, but I just hope there aren't any sharks out there
cute little kitty who also loves reading

What are you currently reading?


Monday Favorites - Strawberry love

This weekend has been such a sweet one. Finished a book, woke up to a classic pancake breakfast, and got to hang out with a couple of friends. So relaxing! Exactly what I needed after a hectic week at work. We also went to the grocery this afternoon and found the biggest and freshest bunch of strawberries on sale. They tasted so superb and sadly, lasted for only less than thirty minutes. So in memory of those awesome strawberries, here are some pretty inspiring strawberry photos from all over. I hope you're also having the sweetest weekend ever!  Kisses from Dubai!

Strawberry on my nails? Oh yes!

A fresh take on pancakes. This looks so delish!

I'm a sucker for cute pillows! These fluffies I definitely love.

Random piece of trivia.

Now this is intense!

But this sweet little guy wants a bite too. :)


Dubai Snapshots

Ramadan Kareem! Next to the Christmas season, this is probably one of my most favorite months ever since I came here in Dubai. Aside from the shortened office timings (9AM to 2PM), we also get long holidays, and lesser (if not zero) workload for one whole month. In addition, I get to fast which actually means good news for my current game plan to eventually shed off these unwanted flabs. :)

A lot of you have asked me in the past what it's like to live here in the Middle East. To be honest I'm not a big fan of the scorching hot weather that we have 90% of the time, but in a nutshell, I feel very lucky because life here is actually very laid-back and fun. This country also boasts with some pretty amazing and record-breaking structures.

This is my man posing with the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa. Just a piece of trivia: The construction of this huge skyscraper began September 21st in 2004, while this cool guy on the right who has my heart was born September 21st in 1984. Love them both. :)

This is Dubai's Dancing Fountain located in the manmade lake right beside The Dubai Mall. Its performances are magically set with lights and music and can be seen only during the weekend. Really breathtaking and I even got so emotional the first time I watched it during my first Christmas here away from my family and friends back home.

This is one of my very first photos here in Dubai last 2010, and behind me is the very famous Burj Al Arab. It's a luxury hotel shaped like a sailboat and considered as the fourth tallest hotel in the world, which actually stands in a man-made island along Jumeirah Beach. An overnight stay here can cost you a whooping $1000 minimum.

Unfortunately, I'm such a lame bee and have just been hibernating at home for the past months when I don't have work, but I'll try to show you some more peeks and snapshots of Dubai once the weather gets a bit cooler. Just want this long summer to get over and done with so I can once again enjoy the great outdoors.

How about you? Anything special or interesting happening in your part of the globe? :)



My Snow White Bookcase

I just finished one of my very first mini projects in the new apartment. Finally painted my dull-looking brown bookcase in white and I really love how it turned out. Sadly, I forgot to take a decent "before" photo to share, but you'll have an idea how brown it used to look like in this post. I was too excited that I started painting right away and at long last after three days, it's all MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. :)

To be honest, my paint job wasn't really flawless, but I'm beyond proud that this piece now blends seamlessly with the rest of my furniture and also looks clean and very easy on the eyes no matter how many stuff I shove inside it. Planning to fill up my Snow White baby with lots and lots of books. I know this one would be an even harder task to complete considering how pricey books cost in this part of the globe, so for now it's where I'm storing some of the random trinkets I collect. Here are a few shots of my new favorite spot in my apartment:

Sorry if these photos look odd. I've been trying out this HRD imaging method a lot these days that plays out with the contrast of the photos I take. I think it looks kinda cool and artistic. :)

Is there any particular furniture or piece in your home you wanna revamp? Are you working on any home projects right now? 


How To: Image Mapping and Blog Buttons

I received some quite surprising emails from four readers the other day asking me about "how to put different links in one image" and "how to create codes for a blog button". It's not everyday I get requests like these and I'd love to help out the best way I can. I guess you already know by now that I'm not much of a DIY-er myself so posting a tutorial is not really one of my biggest strengths. Here's the thing: You don't have to be an expert in HTML codes or possess any special skill in order to do both of these. You can cheat your way around and today I will be sharing two really awesome websites which can do the job for you for FREE. :)

First question:
"I noticed that your Twitter/Bloglovin buttons on your right sidebar under your profile is only one image. How did you put different links to it? It's only one photo right?"

Yes. It's just one photo. It's called "image mapping" and I have this cool website to thank for it. You can link various parts of an image without having to divide or slice the image into separate image files. Just host your image somewhere (like Photobucket) and have your links ready, then go to ISDNTEK IMAGE MAPPER to generate the codes you can insert to your site.

Here is a sample of how I did a clickable image:

This is how the above generated codes will look like once you put it in your website or blog:

about blog sponsor contact

Second question:
"Hi Aizzing! Hope you can help me. I sent emails to some bloggers but they're not replying. :( Just wondering how do you make those codes for the blog ad buttons? I want it to look like the one you have in your right sidebar so others can copy the codes and post them in their blogs as well."

It's actually very easy, dear. Again, just host your image somewhere and go to GRAB MY BUTTON CODE GENERATOR. Just fill in the blanks, customize the color and size to your liking, and you're all set. Once you have the codes, post them to your site through a blog post or as a gadget in your left or right sidebar to share. It's gonna look like this:

Icing and Write

That's it! I hope some of you would find the above helpful. If you happen to know other cool online resources that you think would make a blogger's life a lot easier, feel free to share them with me. I only know the very basics when it comes to HTML and I'm also a newbie when it comes to graphic design so I'd appreciate any tips from you guys. Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

Image Credits: Pixabay

Crispy Fried Okra Recipe

I posted a photo of my first attempt at cooking Crispy Fried Okra in this post before and have received quite a number of messages and tweets asking for the recipe. It's actually one of the easiest recipes ever, requiring no special skills at all. And it tastes like a real winner too.

Here's the simple recipe in case you want to try it out:
Others also prefer adding a dash of cayenne pepper into the mix to give it some extra kick. If you want your okra a bit hot and spicy, feel free to add this as well with the eggs.

I'm really trying to eat as much vegetables as possible these days. Such a late bloomer when it comes to veggies. Do you also have some easy-to-follow healthy recipes? Share them with me. Would love to try them out too.


One of those days

Today is definitely one of those weird "blah" days. I feel so lazy that I wish I could just stay in bed all day with a good book in hand. And the weather seems to be going through the same mood as well. It's darker than usual outside today. Just a little past three in the afternoon, the sun already decided to take the day off. Weird.

I wish I could be as cool as the sun, cancelling the day just like that whenever I feel like it. But I'm only human... and I have no choice but get back to work.

What do you do during days like this? How do you stay inspired?


I love my body. Period.

Just discovered a fun new blog to add to my daily reads: That ARThletic Girl. This girl has some seriously amazing talent and her blog is a chock-full of creativity, wit, and inspiration. Funny 'cause reading her blog for the first time this morning couldn't come at a better time.

This photo just kinda nailed it in the head for me. Sadly, I've received quite a number of not-so-nice comments, unsolicited mean advices and responses from others because of a post I made about slimming down to fit in my bridesmaid's dress (CLICK HERE).  To be clear: No, I'm not offended at all. In fact, I'm quite amused that these people are still giving me the time of the day when they claim to hate what I write here. I really don't get why some people have a huge problem with me going to the gym and going for healthier food choices that they'd even go the extra mile and lambast someone they don't even know in person.

I decided to delete those comments because I refuse to let the negativity of these people bog down my blog and everyone who visits my blog. I have some wonderful friends and family who read my blog daily and I choose to highlight them instead. Time to turn on the comments filter perhaps?

I've said this before and I still stand by this. There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying to lose weight for as long as your intentions are in place and all good. What's wrong with working out, eating vegetables and taking my health seriously? It doesn't mean I hate my body. I don't hate my body for crying out loud. I love it so much that's why I'm changing my ways and trying to be better at taking good care of it. 

Let's just smile and enjoy life, shall we? It's a beautiful day! :)



A beautiful weekend

Just having a typical weekend at home right now. Done with all my house chores and finally lazing the day away. This is the life. Beautiful and quiet weekends such as today remind me just how much blessed I truly am. I need this.

Won a fierce battle against a pile of a week's worth of dirty laundry. Yay!

Love hanging my colorful bath towels together. Looks cheery!

Finally snagged my first ever Chanel perfume. :)

This is my most favorite spot during lazy weekends at home.
Comfy red sofa with lots and lots of pillows in front of the television.

I had a long and fun chat with my mom and nephew via FaceTime earlier and I'm just really glad that all the things and people I hold dear and personal are okay. This is all that matters. For as long as I have them and I'm filled with love, I know I'm in a good place. Ramadan is finally coming up and I also have my month-long annual vacation after to be excited about. I can't wait!

How's your weekend? :)

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