Dubai Snapshots: Burj Al Arab's New Year's Eve Fireworks

As I was going through my camera's spare memory card the other day, I discovered that there were still tons of photos from our New Year's eve celebration with friends that I haven't posted yet. So please bear with me a moment. I know we're almost halfway through March and sharing these photos is such an abomination, but for posterity's sake, I just gotta post these of photos I took of Burj Al Arab's firework display. We watched it from our friend's rooftop and the view was beyond amazing! Such a happy memory for me.

We were also able to see a bit of Atlantis' and Burj Khalifa's fireworks displays from the rooftop, but all my photos didn't come out as nice as these ones since they're quite far. :(

I know it's way too late for me to say this, but still HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2013 is proving to be a rockin' year for all you guys. :)

Have a great week!

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Dubai Snapshots: Dubai Miracle Garden

We finally took the time to visit this year's Dubai Miracle Garden with some of our friends last week. Such an impressive showcase. Just imagine 45 million natural flowers designed and arranged in different shapes and sizes possible. There were flowers shaped like huge pyramids, big balls, cake towers, hearts, stars, cars, etc. There's even a flower bed designed like the United Arab Emirates flag. I'm telling you, the creativity in this flower festival is so way up and what makes everything even more amazing is the fact that this garden is located right in the middle of the desert! That's no easy feat, you guys!

Was smiling the whole time I was inside the garden and I must have taken over 500 hundred photos during the whole two hours we spent walking around. My camera almost died on me. There's just so much pretty everywhere and I felt really happy because you don't see things like this on a regular basis here in Dubai. It's a refreshing sight. :)

Now I know how Mary Lennox probably felt like in The Secret Garden. Only Dubai Miracle Garden is no secret. Since we came on a weekend, there were like a hundred other people roaming around that day discovering it for the first time as well. It's so incredibly busy that taking decent uninterrupted photos became a total struggle. But I think I still managed to get a few pretty ones though (I hope). :p

Flowers overload? I know my crappy photography skills don't do them justice because I promise you, they're more beautiful in person, so I guess I'd just let this video show what the experience's all about instead. I already dread the day when summer starts to kick in here in our part of the world and all of this prettiness starts to wilt. My heart is breaking just thinking about it. So come visit if ever you're anywhere near Dubai! Take my word for it. This one's a must see!

Hope all of you are having a great day! :)

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