Dubai Snapshots: Dubai Miracle Garden 2014

Woke up extra early one weekend with Marlo and two of my friends from high school (Archie and Rian) to visit this year's Dubai Miracle Garden, and I have to say it's so worth it. I think this year's flower showcase fared really well compared to last year. It's also a good thing that the place wasn't as crowded when we came so we managed to get some pretty decent shots. Here's a few photos I took from that fun sunny day:

Mary Lennox really made an awesome comeback this year! The team behind Dubai Miracle Garden obviously upped the creativity factor this year with all the new designs they came up with. This gigantic Happy Birthday flower letters were one of my favorites. That's my friend Rian, just a few days before she celebrated her birthday.
Never thought I could ever appreciate orange and yellow flowers until now. They look so gorgeous! I could happily stare at them for hours. This pink-roses-fan-since birth is now officially a convert.

And because it was an impromptu trip, something had to go wrong of course (like always). My camera's battery decided to die on me way before we got to finish touring the entire place which was a complete bummer. Typical Aizzing. What can I say? That's just me letting excitement rule over again. :)
Those pink flower pots and colorful umbrellas look incredibly pretty.

I'm already planning to go back there in a couple of weeks with my parents who are flying from Manila this time around, so I have another opportunity to take more photos. I know. Flowers overload at its finest indeed. Can't get enough!

Hope your week is off to a good start! :)

Brandnew books for Snow White

To say that last Christmas was extra generous to my Snow White bookcase with all the new books I've received from friends and loved ones would be an understatement. I got not only one, but seven amazing books in total! Looks like I have more than enough reason to put on my reading glasses and give time for my favorite hobby this time around. :)

This A Little Course in Baking book would have to be my favorite from my books loot this year. It's been quite a while since the last time I put on my imaginary baker's hat and I've really been itching to get back into baking soon to whip up sweet treats again for my loved ones.

I couldn't help but do a little excited squeal when I got these two babies (Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number and Can You Keep a Secret?) from my girlfriends. Kinsella is an all-time favorite chic-lit writer extraordinaire of mine. She's always been my go-to author when I need to unwind and not think about life's everyday stress and worry. Her books make the best light reads, are super funny, and very relatable too. It's like watching a feel-good rom-com movie, but a whole lot better of course.

George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire's series looks oh so fancy-schmancy nestled in my bookcase, don't you think? So happy that I finally got my hands on this series. The boyfriend got me the first four books and I can't wait to devour them.

Just found out the other day that my sister and brother-in-law are already bent on naming their first baby Daenerys (supposedly after one of the coolest Game of Thrones' characters) and I simply don't get it. Not even sure how to pronounce the name correctly to be honest. I know. I'm really THAT clueless! Haha! Way too late to get into the hype for sure, but better late than never, right? Even my minions look victorious on the photo.

What are your favorites from all the gifts you received last Christmas?

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! :)