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Travel Diaries: Spending the Perfect 2 Days in Antwerp

When we went to our very first trip to Europe few years back, I couldn't pass up the chance to finally visit Antwerp  a tiny yet charming port city in Belgium that I've always been fascinated with as a kid. Before the trip, people around me actually kept on asking "Why Antwerp?" because it sounded like such an odd choice since it's not yet a popular travel destination among our circle. But with its colorful history, inspiring art scene, vibrant fashion, yummy Belgian waffles, delicious beer and chocolates, I don't see why not.

Jungfraujoch: Our Journey to the Top of Europe

No trip to Switzerland is ever complete without actually experiencing the Swiss Alps. There's a great abundance of Alpine mountain adventures you can choose from in the ‘land of milk and honey’ but if you have the time and the budget for it, why not go all out and visit the very Top of Europe itself or Jungfraujoch?

Travel Diaries: One Day in St. Gallen and Heidiland, Switzerland

One of the highlights of our recent trip to stunning Switzerland was definitely our visit to the city of St. Gallen and its neighboring town Maienfeld — more popularly referred to as Heidiland. Since we visited on a weekend, we were already expecting these touristy places to be extremely busy. But surprisingly, instead of pushing our way through lots of other tourists coming from all directions, we were so happy to discover how peaceful and incredibly low-key both of these places actually were.

How to see the Matterhorn in Zermatt with the best view

The pyramid-shaped mountain printed outside every pack of Toblerone chocolate is actually Switzerland's famous Matterhorn  one of the highest summits in the Alps and all over Europe. It also happens to be my favorite chocolate in the whole wide world, so I must say that my motivation to see the Matterhorn up close was pretty strong. In fact, to say that I was extremely excited to go to Zermatt last June was probably the understatement of the century. :) 
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