5 Travel Destinations to spend your Eid holiday

We’re almost at the last chapter of Ramadan this year, and while I would definitely miss the shorter office timing and much more relaxed pace of things this past month, I cannot wait for the very long Eid holiday that’s just waiting right around the corner for all of us.

Are you planning for a peaceful staycation or actually packing your bags to head out of town? 

Whether you intend to get that well-deserved break at home or overseas, here’s a nice little throwback to five of our best travel adventures for some inspiration. We’ve actually taken most of these fun trips during past Eid breaks and long weekends we’ve had over the years here in Dubai.

A lot of people I know are heading out to Bali in Indonesia right now for Eid, which isn’t surprising considering that it’s tagged as the world’s “number one go-to destination” at the moment (especially for millennials) and for good and obvious reasons. It’s a lush tropical paradise and every bit like the picture perfect spot to escape the city’s hustle and bustle for every beach bum and nature lover.

But just imagining the amount of crowd headed to the same direction as me is enough to faze my introvert self and cry for help, so why not turn to good ol’ Thailand for the same ‘feels’? On second thought, Thailand is another top destination for tourists as well, so perhaps there’s just really no escaping the crowd. But believe me, you’d still win either way. Besides, you can always opt to explore stunning places outside Bangkok instead for a much more quiet and soulful breather like Phuket, Ko Samui, Pattaya, Phi Phi Islands or maybe even my favorite Chiang Mai.

One more thing, the hospitality of Thai people is on another level. I love them to bits! Filipinos are still number one in this department though, so maybe they come second? :)

Where we stayed in Bangkok: Centre Point Silom
How many hours is the flight from Dubai to Bangkok? Around 6 hours and 30 minutes if you are flying direct.

Still a favorite destination for UAE travellers for over two years now is Yerevan in Armenia. We booked a tour guide when we visited Armenia for the first time back in 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

I love their wine, fresh food, and history. And the best part? Despite everything being pretty inexpensive, with all the sites and experiences their colorful country offers, you wouldn't feel like you scrimped on this escape at all. The precious memories we made here truly cost like a million bucks for me. It was one of the shortest trip we’ve ever taken together, but has got to be one of the most meaningful too.

Where we stayed in Yerevan: Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan and Hyatt Place Yerevan
How many hours is the flight from Dubai to Yerevan? Around 3 hours and 10 minutes if you are flying direct. 

The Netherlands
Amsterdam was our first stop when we went to our first ever Euro trip back in 2017 and it’s still our most memorable and relaxing trip to date. While tourist landmarks like the famous Iamsterdam letters sign inside Museumplein have since been taken down and moved some place else, the many museums in the area (Van Gogh Museum is a personal favorite) and overall laid-back vibe of this city are more than enough for me to dream of eventually coming back. 

The city of Amsterdam is actually trying its best to step back from promoting itself as a tourist destination. It's unfortunate how their lovely country and locals have taken quite a beating from mass tourism boom over the years. I still remember our passionate tour guide during the Amsterdam canal cruise who openly talked about how much they despise tourists who visit the city just to get wasted and trample on the city's peace, disrupting their quiet way of life. While I totally respect and understand where they’re coming from with this initiative, I still think that it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and Amsterdam (and its neighboring cities and countryside too) deserves more "quality" and respectful visitors.

Where we stayed in Amsterdam: Hotel Allure Amsterdam
How many hours is the flight from Dubai to Amsterdam? More or less 7 hours if you are flying direct. 

Tbilisi would forever hold a special part of my heart because I have checked off a lot of firsts in this beautiful country back in 2013. My first snow, first birthday away from my family (hello independent woman!), and also officially the first time I was ever bitten by the travel bug. 

My passion for adventures and discovering new places, culture, and experiences all started after spending a long weekend in Georgia. Their tagline “the city that loves you” is just so spot on. 

Looks like a lot of things have already changed and improved since our trip to Georgia more than five years ago, so maybe it’s about time we come back?

Where we stayed in Tbilisi: Tbilisi Marriott Hotel
How many hours is the flight from Dubai to Tbilisi? Around 3 hours and 30 minutes if you are flying direct.

Still the most exotic and exhilarating vacation we’ve ever taken was without a doubt our trip to Marakkesh in Morocco back in 2016 for Eid. Literally every night we spent there was a lively party like no other because we chose to stay right smack in the middle of Jemaa El-Fnaa, the main square of Marrakesh for both locals and tourists.

The vibe of Marakkesh is incredibly authentic and unlike anything we've experienced anywhere, which eventually translated to one uniquely amazing adventure for us that stayed with me even after so many years. I highly recommend that you come and experience it for yourself atleast once in your lifetime.

Where we stayed in Marakkesh: Riad Granvilier
How many hours is the flight from Dubai to Marrakesh? There are no direct flights to Marrakesh from Dubai, but a direct flight to its nearby city Casablanca takes a little over 8 hours. From there you can either fly, drive, or board a train to Marrakesh. Travel time from Casablanca would take between 1 to 4 hours depending on the transport you’d choose.

Enjoy the long holiday and hope we all come back inspired, recharged and ready for more adventures and challenges ahead.

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