About me

Hello! My name is Aizzing (pronounced as icing  yes, that sweet creamy glaze of frosting on top of your favorite cake) and I'm a Filipina book nerd, part-time explorer and full-time media dork currently based in Dubai. I've been married for five years to the very nice guy I dated for over seven years. His name is Marlo and he also shares my insatiable passion for travelling, good food, and zombie apocalypse movies so you'll be seeing him a lot in this space too.

Icing & Write is my online vision board, lifestyle and travel diary, with focus on content that's big on adventure and inspiration. We have over 8,500 followers across our social media and blog reader accounts, and I am absolutely thrilled that you found your way here. This space gives you colorful sneak peeks of our globe-trotting adventures and daily life in the desert. It's a personally curated collection of our sweetest dreams, utterly pretty discoveries, creative stories, and amazingly wonderful people who continuously inspire us to live our best and happy life.

I've been online for as long as I can remember and have kept several blogs for just as long. I started pouring my thoughts and experiences over several blogging platforms such as Geocities, Blogdrive, Wordpress, Multiply, and also LiveJournal since I was a teenager. But after making the big move from Manila to Dubai beginning of 2011, I wanted a new place online where I can post about my daily adventures here in the Middle East for my family and friends to read back home in the Philippines. That's when I decided to start anew with Icing and Write. From posting merely about my brandnew life here in the desert to my noob attempts with baking, this blog has become my creative outlet and eventually evolved into what it is now.

You can email me or connect with me through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
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