Girl Crush: Emma Watson x Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger has got to be one of my favorite characters in both the Harry Potter book and film franchise. I super love and admire smart girls who go after what they want and stand bravely for what they believe in. She loves to read and she's very loyal to her friends, and I have come to love Emma Watson (the actress who played the role) through the years just as well. I am in awe witnessing how her style has evolved, and she's truly grown to become one of the most stylish and sensible actresses of her generation.

In one of her interviews for the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Emma shared why she loved playing the role of Hermione: "I feel very privileged to have played Hermione. I think she's someone young girls can look up to because she's always true to herself. She's very smart and an incredibly courageous and loyal friend who keeps a cool head in extremely difficult situations. It was wonderful to be able to bring across those elements of her personality throughout the films."

Here's to every empowered girl all over the world who dares to live her dreams while keeping everything cool and even managing to be in style.

Who's your favorite character in Harry Potter?

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