4 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Are The Happiest

Here's the biggest secret: A third party was the very reason why our marriage has changed for the better. He's fun, demanding, and always gets me excited in more ways than one. He loves to plan things out, but he can also be the most spontaneous. He loves a good challenge and pushing people to their limits. Because of him, I've discovered so many things about myself and I have done a lot of firsts that I thought I could not do before.

He loves it when I'm willing to try new things, meet interesting people, even speak a foreign language, and simply go out of my comfort zone. He's been a constant presence all throughout our nine-year relationship, and he's hell bent on staying, just so he could spice things up for me and my husband every now and then. His name is Travel and we definitely love having him around. 

Nine years is a long time and to be honest, that long of a time together could really dull up anyone's relationship. When you get sucked into a dull routine of coexistence with your partner, things that usually excite and bring you joy could get boring and even frustrating. Sometimes couples easily find themselves at each other's throats because of this and believe me, that's never a pretty situation to get stuck into.

That's why my husband and I have made it a point every year to go to atleast one new place we've never been to for a quick change of scenery and a fresher perspective. Be it overseas or just out of town, discovering something new together outside the confines of your home could loosen up the tension that has built up and bring back the sparks once again.

A busy schedule, insufficient budget, or even a multitude of adult responsibilities shouldn't stop you from travelling or taking on a whole new adventure together. If there's a will, there's definitely a way!

Before we decided to go to Hong Kong last year, I was actually in a very bad phase since I just took on a new role in a new company and I was letting all my work's stress affect our relationship at home. We knew we just had to get away someplace where we could just relax and have fun, and Disneyland proved to be the perfect escape.

The first time we travelled as a couple was during a road trip from Manila to the highlands of Tagaytay in the Philippines. It was supposed to be a barely two-hour drive, but we haven't reached our destination yet when his car stopped working. My then boyfriend (now husband) tried to tinker with the engine just enough to reach a roadside car repair shop where we were entertained by a witty four-year old mechanic son and his lovely mother who served us cold drinks while we waited for the car to be fixed.

We did reach Tagaytay after almost five long hours only for the car to get broken again and stop running permanently. It would be so easy for me to lose my cool then and just get angry at him since it's his car which ruined our trip, but I didn't. As weird as it may sound, I was actually enjoying our misfortune, because that's when I discovered what kind of a chill man the guy I was dating is. His charming ways with people, how he handled stress, and getting what he wanted was so adorable to watch. To me it was such a revelation.

That day, we were given access to a gated private property with breathtaking views of the Taal Lake. The caretaker of the property who we just met even gave us fresh pineapples for us to take home. We rode tricycles and even one random car all for free to get to Lourdes Church and Leslie's, but that's not the best part. We went back to Manila flat broke, in a tow truck no less, while singing and laughing at each other's bad luck. That was nine years ago, and also the start of a string of fun adventures and misadventures we've had together.

Being fans of DIY, I totally lost count how many times we've been lost during our many trips together. Navigating a new country and at the same time having an enjoyable time could really prove to be difficult for anyone. Frustrating moments like this also has the potential to unleash the 'not-so-nice-and-charming' side of you or your partner.

During our day trip to Macau last September, we almost missed our trip back to Hong Kong since I insisted on staying longer than planned in Senado Square (all for the food of course). As a result, we ended up getting lost trying to find the bus that will take us to the terminal. So although we were warned to avoid it as much as possible, I urged him to hail a cab instead.

We both knew that it was my fault why we were in that dilemma and that taking a cab would really set us back since we still had a couple of days left to stay in Hong Kong, but I didn't hear him lash out. He still listened to what I had to say and trusted my instinct. At that time our minds were already set that we'd end up rebooking our tickets or maybe staying overnight in Macau, but by some miracle, we still made it to the terminal just three minutes before boarding was closed. Thankfully, we also didn't get duped by the driver, and we even got to watch the dancing fountain in front of Wynn Hotel on the way.

Yes, it's easy to play the 'blame game',  but when you see it as an opportunity to show just how much you trust each other, it's gonna be one hell of an adventure.

During our travels, I have lit an incense stick inside a Buddhist temple, offered a candle inside a Cathedral, and even prayed inside a Mosque. And all throughout these confusing metamorphosis, my husband has practiced the awesomeness called the gift of tolerance. Sometimes he would just shake his head and watch me silently, but oftentimes he'd join in the fun and all my quirks.

Travelling opens you to up to the big world. It will teach you to be more patient and understanding of people's differences no matter the culture, race, language, or religion. And when you do it with a partner, it will become an even better and memorable experience. There are so many adventures out there waiting for you to take on. A new cuisine to try, new language to learn, new music to dance into, the list of wonderful discoveries is endless! And believe me, the road less travelled can actually be a bit less daunting when there's somebody else with you.

Being each other's travel buddy has helped our marriage immensely. It has given us a bunch of amazing memories to look back on and maybe even laugh at for years to come. After every trip, we would always find ourselves going back home feeling lighter, happier, and just all out richer, with more stories to tell, a stronger bond and even bigger respect for each another.

Do you also have a travel partner? What's your best travel memory?

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  1. i wish i had more time to travel !! great post


  2. Feels nice to find your blog and this post inspires me more to travel. I want to travel overseas every year too but since I have a toddler we just opt to do out-of-town visits. Love this post.