Our First Schengen Visa Application Experience in Dubai

To be honest, the Schengen visa application procedure sounded a bit too daunting for us before that we tried to avoid it as much as possible. But after exploring Asia for years and a magical visit to Morocco back in 2016, we were suddenly left to wonder what else could be there for us to discover beyond our comfort zone. For some strange reason, it really felt like a European vacation was a natural progression at that point. So last year we decided to finally give it a try. We applied for a Schengen visa for the very first time and after a grueling wait, we fortunately got it.

I had a million questions in my head all throughout the application period. I still remember how much painstaking research and countless Googling I did before getting that coveted visa, so I would like to share with you how our experience went. Maybe this post could help someone who's also in the process of applying for a Schengen visa in Dubai.

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