Movie Fave: The Out of Towners

Just recently discovered the original 1970 movie "The Out of Towners" and I have to say that this has got to be the funniest movie of all time! Watched it for three times now and I still can't stop laughing. Can't get enough of it. Its comedy just never gets old. A thousand times funnier than the Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn version from 1999. I seriously wanna get the DVD copy of this film!

The story centers on husband and wife George and Gwen Kellerman from Twin Oaks, Ohio who flew to New York for George's big job interview. However, everything in this trip didn't go as planned. From the rerouted plane, transit strike, being mugged (twice), kidnapped, and even busting one of his front teeth after sleeping in Central Park and running after a dog for food, Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis truly made such an awesome tandem in this movie.

With its extremely witty and funny lines, I can really watch this movie over and over again. The writer of this movie is a real beast for coming up with such an insanely engaging script. Below are two of my most favorite scenes:

"Oh, I'm whistlin' through my broken tooth! Hear it? It's a whistling sound! Sssssss! Do you think they are going to give a job to a guy that can't smile and talks with a whistle on his S's? Not on your sweet life!"

"You're not getting away with anything! I've got all your names and addresses!"


  1. interesting! i always prefer watching old movies like this. they have a certain charm and storylines are very original. will check this one out. :)

    1. you won't regret it! i highly recommend this movie. :)