Sweet friends and my entrepreneur days

Happy September everyone! The "-ber" months are finally here. Can't believe that I'll be leaving the desert for Manila this coming Friday already. So excited for my vacation and to finally hear radio stations play my favorite Christmas songs again. It's always a happy feeling. :)

Because of the unbearable heat all summer, the boyfriend and I have developed a huge fondness for regular bonding time indoors spent watching movies after movies. We have even recruited a couple of friends who have enjoyed quite a number of feel-good movies with us (mostly of the romantic comedy type) over the past months.

They brought a big box of Krispy Kreme the last time for us to devour during our marathon. So much for my plan of eating healthy, but I have no regrets. They do make living here in Dubai a lot more fun. We definitely have the sweetest friends with an even sweeter tooth!

Two years ago, September meant the start of a busy season for me and my shop back in Manila. I used to join a lot of bazaars and festivals during the shopping season, which was a complete mad rush from September until December. I was dealing with suppliers, endless ingress and egress, managing an online shop, and also maintaining a full-time office job all at the same time. Thankfully, my boyfriend was so supportive of me and I also have equally supportive cool friends who were ever willing to lend me a helping hand. The rush, excitement and everything from those experiences felt so amazing. I learned a lot, pushed myself to my limits and achieved so much. It was such a fun phase in my life that I will never ever forget. 

I miss Eunice, my gorgeous mannequin. Had to sell her though before I moved here. It was a heartbreaking moment. Hopefully, someday I can go back to my entrepreneur days when I go back home for good. :)

I love our laid-back life and the new friends we have here in Dubai, but I can't wait to hug my family in Manila. I'm looking at our planned itinerary and it's packed and filled to the brim! I'm so beyond excited! Life is good.

How's your weekend? Hope you're having as much fun and excitement as I have!

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  1. That is so fantastic for you! I cannot believe you managed that workload as an entrepreneur, I never knew that, I guess I may have to read your blog back abit further. As for the movies, the romantic comedy ones are the best! xx

  2. Those donuts look amazing! I feel your pain here in Florida it's so hot and humid, that staying inside and watching movies is ideal. Post pictures of Manila. I haven't been since I was 5 :(

  3. yummy yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can I have the pink one please? :)


  4. your mannequin looks gorgeous! i didn't know you had a shop before. :)

  5. Oh wow, those donuts look so good! My boyfriend and I usually don't eat donuts, but we actually went out and bought some for breakfast yesterday. So delicious!

    So cool reading about your shop and seeing pictures!! I would love to hear more about that. =)