Dubai Snapshots: Ceilings of Atlantis

Hello everyone! How's your week so far? It's super cold here in the desert at the moment and I'm loving it so much. All my sweaters, scarves and favorite cardigans are enjoying too much exposure the past weeks but I still can't layer enough clothes to keep myself warm. Really enjoy problems like this! Way better than the merciless sunshine of summer and all the headaches it brings for sure. If not for my inability to part with the bed in the morning, I would surely want the weather here to stay this cold forever and ever.

Anyway, I shared before in a previous post my experience riding the monorail in Palm Jumeirah for the first time. It was a major blast so it felt like the most natural thing for us to come back and experience that part of Dubai once again. I was busy with too much weekend projects and have been itching for a quick trip some place nice, but still easily accessible. Going to The Palm was really the perfect getaway to unwind a little bit. So today I wanna share with you one of my favorite shots from our recent visit to Atlantis, The Palm, a rockin' five-star resort hotel here in Dubai.

No, this isn't a framed painting or canvas. It's the underwater-themed ceiling of the hotel's lobby in their retail space. Aside from all the shops, this was probably the first one that caught my attention. Pretty amazing, right? I think I stared at it like a lunatic for a good three minutes.

I love beautiful and colorful ceilings. There's something about them that makes me smile and remember the beautiful ceilings and spectacular architecture of old churches from my childhood back in the Philippines. Well that and my inner frustrated artist's lifelong dream of visiting the Sistine Chapel to see Michelangelo's iconic ceiling work up close of course. Someday! :)

Can't help but also take a picture of the lobby's floor. I guess I'm just as obsessed when it comes to intricate floors as well. Haha!

Did you go to any place interesting recently? Hope all of you are having a great week! :)


Style + Inspiration

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's already midweek today here in Dubai. A little bit all over the place I know, but here's a bunch of pretty photos to hopefully add a touch of style + inspiration to our day. Enjoy the rest of the week you guys!

So smile, pretty ladies! :)

Definitely my kind of room: white plus pastel with a bit of sparkle!

Still can't move on from Personal Taste! The best Korean drama I have seen so far. Feel good story and awesome chemistry. Short but sweet and would leave you wanting more. Real must-watch! And it stars Lee Min Ho! Enough said.
I need to be reminded of this.

These are the cutest measuring cups ever! A stackable set with 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup measurements. They're microwave and dishwasher safe too. Yowzah!

Pastel, polka dots, lace details, Peter Pan collar. These are the elements of a winning dress. Always.

I gotta have two of this rack: one for my new home office and one for my kitchen. Pretty + Function together is always a brilliant idea.

Oh my, this. Hope we never ever lose our sense of wonder.

This wedding photo just blows me away. Completely.

What's inspiring you right now?


Little Miss Dork and Her New Eyeglasses

Happy New Year, everyone! How's your 2013 going so far? Did I just say 2013?! It really feels weird whenever I realize what year it is now. I oftentimes even find myself still mindlessly writing/saying 2012. Is it just me? But I'm trying my best to get the hang of it, same way as I'm trying to get used to wearing my new pair of prescription glasses. New year, new look it is. ^_^

Yes guys! Finally got myself a pair of eyeglasses because my nearsighted eyes have been giving me such a hard time already (and my man was so nice to give them to me as a gift last Christmas). It's black, simple, somewhat square-ish, and Prada (still can't believe he loves me that much). This is my first time wearing glasses so I can't help but feel kinda dorky to be honest. Still couldn't muster enough courage to post a photo of myself wearing them here. I tried but ended up deleting it before hitting publish. Hopefully it would grow on me soon so watch out for my photo! Haha!

Choosing them took longer than I expected. I wasn't sure which one to take with the many colors, designs, and brands available. Had to browse way too many eye glasses online and in the stores before deciding. There were so many cute ones I wanted to get at first but all thanks to my chubby cheeks, most of them ended up looking otherwise when I tried them on. So much for my plan of looking like this adorable little cat:

An important piece of advice, friends: Just because the glasses looks awesome on display or in the catalog doesn't mean they would look just as awesome when you wear them. Getting the glasses frames that flatter your face's shape best is key. I had to find out the hard way that rimless glasses don't look nice on me. Again, try them on first before buying!

If you're planning to buy new glasses or just simply curious to know which type of eyeglasses suits you best, this Virtual Mirror feature of would come in handy for you. It's such a cool feature, I'm sure you'll enjoy playing around with it. Try it, it's so much fun!

Anyway, the friendly people from are so generous to offer the following discounts for all my blog readers.
  • Take 15% off your entire order amount + FREE shipping (orders over $50). Code: FS15
  • Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10
Here are some of my top picks from their online catalog:
*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.*

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