Just a little pick me up on a Monday

Happy Monday everyone! How are you guys doing?

I have been experiencing one tough week after another which is why I haven't been online as much I would have wanted to lately. But that's all water under the bridge now. I kept on saying that there's gotta be a rainbow behind all those clouds and true enough, looks like I'm looking at a better future once the next two weeks are over. Finally! The power of words and positive thinking working at its finest indeed!

Anyway, I've saved and collected quite a few lovely things from all over once again, so in the tradition of Monday favorites, I'm sharing them today to hopefully add a little dose of pretty and inspiration to your day too.

I'm tough like Monday morning. Like this print so much!

This photo reminds me of my upcoming 27th birthday. Yes, somebody's getting so old. Taking five days off work starting tomorrow (yay), but will most likely celebrate alone at home. Oh, the perks of living abroad! :(

Speaking of birthdays, how cool would it feel like waking up with these pretty colorful hope balloons on my birthday?

This adorable little kitty will be me in a few days (I hope). Finally getting my first ever pair of eyeglasses. It still bugs me that I no longer have perfect eyesight though. :(
Saoirse Ronan looks beyond chic and gorgeous in this In Style photo shoot

Enjoy the moment, slow down

Lovin' today's Google Doodle's tribute to Ada Lovelace. Smart girls rock!

Hope you're having a great Monday! Let's show this day who's the real boss! :)


  1. happy birthday! hope its a fabulous one



  2. these are all so cute and inspirational - i love that cat in glasses photo

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. what a great collection of inspiration! i'm g;ad to hear that you have a light at the end of your tunnel!

  4. adorable post! so much cute things! i'm excited to see you in your new glasses. i'm sure you'll look just as adorable! happy birthday sweetie! :)

  5. this is so inspiring! the cat looks too cute!