On Rainy days and birthdays here in Dubai

Happy Sunday everyone! How's your weekend? I didn't realize that it's already December (my birthday month!). Today is an official non-working holiday for all of us because of UAE National Day. I even woke up with an SMS sent by His Highness Sheik Maktoum this morning warmly greeting all citizens and residents of Dubai. How cool is that?

Anyway, something miraculously special happened last Friday morning. It rained like cats and dogs here for real! I was so excited because I haven't experienced that much rain here in the desert and it felt awesome. Hearing its pitter-patter (there was even slight thunder) was like music to my ears. Really couldn't believe it! I ended up opening the windows completely and watched the rain until it stopped. It felt so good and refreshing!
But since it rarely rains here in the desert, the  downpour resulted to instant flooding all over Dubai. Traffic was terrible! We were supposed to drop our friend to the airport for her flight to Manila but since we couldn't manage to enter because of the crazy flood, she ended up walking a long distance right from the highway to the departure area instead.

After getting Chinese food take-out in Bur Dubai, we decided to take Business Bay Road on our way back home instead  to avoid the traffic jam, where I took this (really far) shot of the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) along with other skyscrapers:

What's the weather like in your part of the globe?


  1. I also experienced heavy rain when I was there. We were on our way to Umm al-Qwain to catch some crabs. Uber traffic from one Emirate to another because of the flash flood.

  2. it's great you received some rain after missing it for so long! it's super hot in Sydney atm haha.


  3. Woah, I can't believe how flooded it gets there! Pretty cool though.

  4. oh wow! I am so used to massive amounts of rain, but indeed, it would really mess traffic up! The amount of water on the roads in that photo is crazy

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. i love a good rain. of course the flooding is unfortunate, but i'm glad you got to enjoy it's refreshingness!!

  6. oh wow thats a lot of rain!!


  7. Wow, so much water! It has been raining here for days, but just in a constant grey, cold bit. I really wish it was summer again!

  8. beautiful photo! it's raining here all the time too! <3