Wishlist Wednesday Special: 2013 Highlights

Happy Wednesday, everyone and Happy New Year! I'm extremely thankful for this year and beyond excited that we're welcoming a brandnew year again. So in the tradition of Wishlist Wednesday, I've thought of doing a different version of it today. Instead of listing down wishes like the usual, I would be sharing some of the major things on my wishlist that have actually come true in 2013.

Was able to finally fit into my bridesmaid's dress and attended my bestfriend's wedding in Sunny Manila last June. Truly one of the most beautiful and heartfelt weddings I've ever been to! I was the happiest friend.

On the same month, I also went on a short vacay to the Philippines and enjoyed sweet quality time with my family and closest friends, especially with my nephews and niece who keep on getting more and more awesome everyday.

Landed myself a job at one of my dream companies on May, and started a new cool chapter in my career on July. There's still so much I have yet to learn to be honest (barely 5 months!), but I'm really glad I've made this decision. So far so good. :)

Flew back and forth so many times also this year: Dubai, Muscat, Manila, Hong Kong and Tbilisi. There's just so many beautiful adventures out there waiting to be experienced! I just hope I'll have more opportunities to travel next year and be able to discover more places and learn more about different cultures.

Celebrated my birthday in a foreign country (Georgia) and got to play in the snow for the first time ever. I gotta say it's really one of the best moments in my life this year. It felt seriously incredible to be able to act like a kid again and not worry about grown-up problems for a day or two. Exactly the kind of escape I needed.

Falling in love again and again... always with this same man. As cliche as it may sound, but I'm really lucky I'm inlove with my bestfriend. There's just no better set-up! :)

While our family may have gone through a couple of major tragedies, 2013 actually did pretty amazing as a whole for me. Personally, a huge part of 2013 was all about adjustments, self-discovery, family, and just all-out gratitude. I'm so grateful that I managed to cross out so many incredible goals on my list this year and have made a lot of my dreams a reality.

So that's the year that was for me. How about you? How did your 2013 go? I hope you're just as lucky. Here's to wishing that 2014 will bring us tremendous amount of blessings in life and love. Happy New Year again! :)



  1. happy new year! :) I hope 2014 brings you tonnes of amazing experiences!

  2. Hoping the same thing for you, Alice! Happy New Year! ^__^