Wishlist Wednesday

A trip to Yerevan in Armenia is definitely on top of my list. We were actually supposed to go last November for my pre-birthday celebration, but because of the limited flights not matching the dates of the public holiday announced, we've changed plans and decided to fly to Thailand instead. This year for sure!

Experiencing Darjeeling in India has been on my bucket list for almost two years now after I saw one random photo of the place online which totally blew me away. It's beautiful beyond words! Drinking Darjeeling tea while catching the sunrise in Tiger Hill sounds like my cup of tea (pun intended).

Ever since my husband and I talked about moving to a bigger two-bedroom apartment once our lease is up this May, I've been visualizing the many things we can have to fill up the future new space. Like this comfy Signature gray upholstered fabric sofa from Home Centre Dubai. He is almost convinced how amazing the 3 piece set-up would look like in our living room. #push
Speaking of gray sofas, I couldn't help but drool over the lovely living rooms regularly being featured on The Every Girl. I really wish I could pull off something like it (or maybe almost like it) once we get settled in our new apartment. Hey, a girl can dream!

I know this last one is quite silly and I'll probably tick this off this weekend already, but seriously I really need two cables for our phones in colors. We've managed to destroy atleast two cables and now we're always fighting over the one that's left. It's frustrating whenever my phone needs a recharge.

We are actually expecting quite a jampacked weekend and I can't wait. We're planning to see London Has Fallen with friends. Then we're off to a housewarming party in Abu Dhabi and a birthday party for another friend back in Dubai. Enjoy the rest of the week, guys! :)

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