Liquid Lipsticks Confessions

Happy International Lipstick Day, gorgeous! Last year, I posted about my favorite lip products in celebration of Lipstick Day, but today I want to talk about my experience with a product that's become increasingly popular among every makeup aficionado and for very good reasons — liquid lipsticks.

There's no denying how much liquid lipsticks had levelled up since their invention in the 1990's. Its popularity soared to great heights last year, but this year is different. It totally boomed (fireworks and all). With just about every brand releasing their own line and version, we have undoubtedly reached a whole new era of liquid lipsticks. So here's the lowdown on my own immersion with this beauty trend that I really hope would last until eternity, with reviews of some of the liquid lipsticks I have tried recently.


5 Beautifully Clear Skin Products To Love

Truth is having perfectly beautiful skin is just next to impossible. Even those people loaded enough to afford religious visits to their trusted derma clinics for "maintenance" still get the occasional zits and fair share of skin emergencies. But this shouldn't deter a regular plain Jane like me from atleast trying my best to care for my skin, right? Here are five skin cleansing and moisturizing products which I am loving at the moment.

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Here's the biggest secret: A third party was the very reason why our marriage has changed for the better. He's fun, demanding, and always gets me excited in more ways than one. He loves to plan things out, but he can also be the most spontaneous. He loves a good challenge and pushing people to their limits. Because of him, I've discovered so many things about myself and I have done a lot of firsts that I thought I could not do before.

5 Summer Beauty Products To Love

There are so many things I love about Dubai, but if there's one thing I'd rather not go through, it has to be summer. It's scorching, sweaty, icky, and always leaves my skin in its worst sorry state. In fact, we've contemplated on going to the beach today for a quick swim, but after barely an hour of being outdoors for a quick grocery shopping, we just had to call it a day and go back home with our beloved air-conditioner on. It's just soooooo hot outside!

Yes, temperature levels could get super insane on this part of the globe, but allowing the summer season to be merciless to one's skin is a complete abomination. You don't want to go down that road for sure. That's why it's very important to be prepared and of course, protected. Here are five of my go-to summer essentials:
Moisture is King
I've listed down my three favorite moisturizers on this previous post, but as soon as the summer season kicks in, the one product that does the job best for me would have to be Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. The price is a little on the splurge side I know, but it's definitely worth every cent. It's got SPF 15 and also gentle to my sensitive skin.

Lather it up
There are times that I'd like to ditch body lotion completely because it can feel extra icky once you start to swelter, but keeping skin hydrated is crucial in this cruel weather. The Face Shop Natural Sun Milk body lotion is heaven-sent in this department. It's not as sticky compared to others and has a very mild scent that's not overpowering. And the most important part? SPF 40. That alone pretty much got me sold to it.

Save 'em puckers
What's worse than chapped lips? Sunburned lips. Yes, there is actually such a thing! One of the most neglected parts of the body during the summer season would have to be the lips. Fortunately, there are a lot of lip products available in the market with SPF, but I always go to good ol' Labello Sun Protect Lip Balm. I swipe this first before topping it off with my favorite shade of lippie and my kisser stays protectedly safe from the harsh rays.

Spray fresh
I know that it's meant for babies, but I prefer buying Evian Baby Face and Body Spray than the regular Evian Facial Spray just because. Honestly, aside from the added 'baby' to the name, I don't think there is much difference between the two because both have the same product content and also hypoallergenic. My logic is if it's good for babies, then it's good for you too. This spray works as an amazing make-up setter and also cools and refreshes the skin for an instant vibrant glow. We always bring a small spray bottle of this every time my husband and I travel.

Summer scent
This wasn't originally on my all-time favorite scents list, but Daisy by Marc Jacobs would have to be the most refreshing scent ever that's just oh-so-perfect for a casual summer day. I simply couldn't say no to the floral packaging that spells cutesy and sunny. Silly I know, but I did consider buying this at first all because of the daisy flowers-decorated bottle. It's light, feminine, and smells clean like just-stepped-out-of-the-shower clean. Definitely a happy scent!

What are your favorite summer essentials?

Image Credits: Pixabay
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