Color me happy

Minty fresh and soft teal are really big this season and I totally love seeing them everywhere. These colors exude so much life and trigger instant happiness without being overwhelming. Just by looking at them inspires me to imagine and hope for wonderful and adorable things in the future.

Here's some more burst of mints and teals from all over. Stay inspired! :)

the color palette of my dream wedding

this is how every beautiful bedroom and dining area should look like

pretty marshmallow bag, anyone?

a killer cute combo
and with the scorching weather outside today, of course I just have to add this lovely print


  1. Gorgeous photos, I especially love your dream wedding colour palette, so stylish!! xx

  2. Awe, what an awesome bag! ;D

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


    1. thank you. my weekend was long gone two days ago. but hope yours came out good. :)

  3. your dream wedding looks amazing!