Links Love: Scream Ice Cream

This merciless summer season has given me a valid excuse to eat more and more ice cream on a regular basis. If only I can eat ice cream daily without gaining weight in the process of course, that would be heaven.

Hosting a fun ice cream party sounds like a great idea.
A hefty serving of the sweetest happiness in a glass
I'm not sure what these are (they could be soaps or something) but they look very much like ice cream to me.

These two kitties just melt my heart completely.

It's Friday, which means lovely Dubai weekend is finally here again. Keep it cool, guys! :)


  1. you got me craving for ice cream, dear!

  2. that sounds like an amazing idea! i would definitely go to an ice cream party if invited. loving your sweet blog! cutest layout & such cute, quirky content. you've just got great taste all around! xo.

    1. awww... thank you so much for your kind words bridget! :)

  3. Ice cream parties conjure up thoughts of soda fountains and poodle skirts for some reason. Sounds like a perfect idea. Who doesn't like ice cream?