A little feature

icing and write sam of my latest obsession

I have a little good news to share with you all. The beautiful Sam (pictured above) from My Latest Obsession was so nice to give me a pretty cool interview feature on her blog today! I'm still over the moon because of it. She's such a sweetheart! And I swear my heart went pitter patter out of shock and excitement when she asked me if I would be interested to do a mini interview for her blog.

To be honest, I really didn't think I deserve that kind of spotlight, but still this feels so AMAZING! It's such an honor. So thank you again, Sam! You made my day big time! :)

Hop on Sam's blog here to read the entire interview.


  1. awww she is so cute! i love her dress :) going to check out the interview :)


  2. Ireally like this photo and her dress!

  3. already read the interview! so nice! :)