... With My Baby Buttercup Blythe Doll

Weekend mornings feel so amazing, much more when it's the first day of a brand new month. Everything just feels so fresh. It's June, which means half of the year is almost over! :)

It's so weird that I instantly wake up extra early during weekends but can't manage to do the same thing during weekdays. I love cooking a hefty breakfast, sipping on a good cup of coffee and watching whatever's on tv on an early Friday morning. You only get two days so better get up and start early enjoying the weekend to the fullest, right?

Anyway, Baby Buttercup found a new toy car. She's drawn to anything shiny and bright, so she just wouldn't let this one go out of her sight. I think she wanted to take it for a drive but unfortunately even with her petite frame, she still wouldn't fit inside.

petite blythe baby buttercup
red audi toy car hatchback
petite blythe baby buttercup

I have a new Blythe doll coming from Japan very soon. It's gonna be my first ever Neo Blythe so I'm really excited to see it. Time, please fly faster than ever! :)


  1. your doll looks so cute, dear! :)

  2. That's so interesting! Are you a collector? And the car and her look like a perfect pair ;)

    1. thank you. not really a collector. just happen to love them a lot. maybe when i'm richer i'd start collecting them. :)