Random Booknerd Dreams

With all the free time I have this Ramadan, my goal to read atleast 26 books before I turn 27 this December is looking pretty good and I couldn't get any prouder with my progress. I've been reading non-stop and enjoying the down time so much. I think I'll have to replenish my reading list soon with new book titles. :)

The increasing hype over the book Fifty Shades of Grey got me a little curious to give it a go. Just not sure if it's available here since I read somewhere that the book is apparently banned here in Dubai. Did anyone of you read it already? How did you find it?

the perfect pretty little corner to read 
reading is dreaming with open eyes

this cute print would be perfect for my dream library
this has happened to me many times
this is the best reading position, agree?
reading is sexy

this looks dreamy, but I just hope there aren't any sharks out there
cute little kitty who also loves reading

What are you currently reading?


  1. Great images! I love the quote, "I don't care if he's fictional, I still want to marry him". :) :) :)


  2. Really nice! I study in literature, and then, of course book is everywhere around me. I have them in my heart, in my head, in my soul, in my favorite coffeeshop, into the school, in my bed, on the coach, in the park, under me, over me, everywhere.
    And I am still in love with every little thing, every word or cover page. <3

  3. I love reading too Aizzing. I read every day. Good to hear you are reading so much, it's so relaxing!

    Susie xox
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    at evensweeterdreams.blogspot.nl

  4. Lovely pics {a reader's dream!}

  5. Waterproof book? Hehe. I used to read all of the time. I would devour books in a day or two. It really makes me sad that I don't have time for it anymore... someday!

  6. I ALWAYS want to run away with characters in the books I read. When I was going through the terrible teens I used to sometimes cry because I was so sad that characters in books weren't real people! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  7. I love reading! It's such a great form of therapy and great way to enjoy time to yourself. It's definitely my little escape with a toddler running around. I just finished my second book of the 50 Shades series and it's pretty scandalous. I'm not surprised they banned it. But I have to admit Im eager to get to the third just to know how the series ends. People have different opinions from the story line to the writing, but hopefully you'll get it somehow and make you're own opinion. I have the hard copy, a lot of people get it on the kindle (cheaper). Oh, and haha, I love the quote "I don't care if he's a fictional character, I still want marry him" :)

  8. love these images! and that cat really is crazy cute!

  9. I really enjoyed all of the reading inspiration here- especially that book illustration! lovely!