Strawberry love post that's too cute not to share

This weekend has been such a sweet one. Finished a book, woke up to a classic pancake breakfast, and got to hang out with a couple of friends. So relaxing! Exactly what I needed after a hectic week at work. We also went to the grocery this afternoon and found the biggest and freshest bunch of strawberries on sale. They tasted so superb and sadly, lasted for only less than thirty minutes. So in memory of those awesome strawberries, here are some pretty inspiring strawberry photos from all over. I hope you're also having the sweetest weekend ever!  Kisses from Dubai!

Strawberry on my nails? Oh yes!

A fresh take on pancakes. This looks so delish!

I'm a sucker for cute pillows! These fluffies I definitely love.

Random piece of trivia.

Now this is intense!

But this sweet little guy wants a bite too. :)


  1. Those cushions are amazing!


  2. haha to the memory of some delicios strawberries! LOVE IT! lol. Such darling pictures here. I couldnt help but take an audible squeel at the wee turtle. SOOOOOOO very adorable!

    Eeli x

  3. Haha this post KILLS me! So funny!

  4. i love those strawberry nails! :)

  5. you got me craving for strawberries! the last photo with the turtle scares me a little bit though.

  6. these strawberry pictures are really cute <3 love all freshness here! <3

    My Random Thoughts

  7. Such a cute post! Love the strawberry nails and the pancakes - yum!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Ahhh I would love those pillows!