Random pretty overload won't hurt anyone

Is Monday a bummer or what? Raise your hands if you also struggled parting with the duvet early this morning. I couldn't be the only one! It's one of those weird "blah days" again when my bed feels a little bit more comfortable than usual that I'm almost tempted to call it a day off. If not for a new pair of candy-colored shoes, I'm so certain I would have stayed up in bed. I knew I bought this gorgeous flats for a reason! :)

I hate to admit this, but yes, sometimes pretty things do make me happy and they help me get up during tough mornings such as today. So with this,  I decided to play favorites today because I could really use some more inspiration. Here's some of my recent pretty favorites for added inspiration to hopefully shake our Monday blues away:

the dreamy photos that inspired my blog's header

really can't get enough of pretty floral garland headpieces

my color crush for this summer

two of my favorite illustrations by artist Oana Befort

love everything about this outfit, especially the coffee

this letter pretty much sums it up

but this is a much better and way more positive way to look at it

I really enjoy compiling lists like this one. "My day" does sound much more promising and positive than plain "Monday", doesn't it? Now I'm gonna grab myself a cup of coffee and claim this day mine. I hope your day is off to a good and productive start. Let's do this! Have an inspiring week ahead of you. :)

What's your Monday mantra?

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  1. those floral crowns are so beautiful, dear! i wish i made my bridesmaids wear one during my wedding. it would look lovely! :)

  2. i googled the avengers initiative and found my way here. you have a very nice blog!

  3. I love those notes! I'm going to try thinking "my day" too!


  4. Nice inspiration :) Those shots are SOOOO LOVELY!

  5. This is such a pretty post. Thank you for the escapism...

  6. I sure dislike Monday's too. Your list is so lovely! The photos that inspired your header are wonderful. Also - definitely giving away a floral crown similar to the second picture on my blog :]

  7. your blog makes me smile. I enjoyed looking through Natalie's photos. I like all ofy our inspiration.and I so wish I still had a body that could wear that sweet outfit too. Monday's are tough for all of us. I am inspired to get up and get moving the moment my eyes open, giggle xo

  8. Hoooly, this post is amazing. Dying over those flower crowns and illustrations. Love your blog!

  9. I absolutely like your blog, you do an amazing job!


  10. haha love the dear monday letters! so cute :D such a lovely post :)


  11. The photos are so whimsical and pretty! Today was definitely a blah day for me too, not over the jet lag and couldn't sleep until 7am so I didn't wake until 3pm :( x
    Island Girl Insights ♥