Missing Art Cafe Dubai

If our bellies had a heart, I'm sure those hearts would be terribly terribly broken by now. We just found out last night that one of our favorite restaurants in Mall of the Emirates has already closed and I'm not excited that another clothing store is probably being built in its location as a replacement. You see I'm quite the picky diner. In fact I can count only on one hand the few restaurants where we go to eat regularly (PF Chang, Mandarin Tree, Thai Wok, Soy, Koreana, and of course, Art Cafe). So this recent discovery that Art Cafe already closed down is quite a disappointing blow. :(

I took these photos a couple of months ago. I had no idea that it would be our last chance to taste their amazing food.

It's quite ironic actually. For someone who chose to live in the Middle East, I'm not that much a fan of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines. I always end up choosing an Asian restaurant no matter the choices. It's my comfort zone and I rarely experiment nor go all adventurous when it comes to food (which makes me lame, I know).

Art Cafe happens to be the only non-Asian restaurant in our fave list here in Dubai. They served the best buffalo chicken and spicy pasta we have ever tasted in the region so far and has served as our default venue whenever we craved for good comfort food countless times. Gone are the days. :(

Still have to find out though whether they just moved to a new location or completely closed down since this is the only branch I knew they had. I guess we will have to go on the look-out once again to find a new favorite restaurant. The hunger game is on!

Have you ever had a favorite restaurant, store or hang-out place that made you really all sad when they closed down?


  1. Oh I'm so sorry! We had something similar happen-- a wonderful Greek restaurant in our itty bitty mall shut down. The food was so delicious...sigh...No worries though, you'll find another!


  2. Ugh, that's awful. It is really a tragedy when something like that happens. :(
    I don't yet know of a restaurant that I adored that closed down, but then again, I didn't really start eating out until a few months ago. I'm dreading something like this happening in the future.
    Hope you will find another wonderful restaurant to fill this one's place!

    ♥ x i x i a | thisisxixia.com

  3. Oh no - how sad!! Hopefully you find a replacement. =/ My family and I used to go to this amazing Chinese restaurant. Family-owned business with the friendliest proprietors. Since we went every Sunday, they would sometimes bring us new dishes to try free and they knew our order when we got take-out. And then they closed! It was very tragic indeed.

  4. I hate when that happens.. the food looks so good. I hope you can't find a replacement soon

  5. Ah that is always the pits! I hate when your favorite place goes out of business! I am glad that you got to enjoy it one last time!

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  7. you are such a fab writer. :)

    great pics, and wishing you a lovely wknd, a!


  8. Asian food is certainly the best cuisine in the world though. I could happily eat nothing else for the rest of my life! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  9. Oh the food does look divine. So sad when a favorite closes. We had a favorite restaurant close a couple of years ago and have yet to find a replacement. Hopefully they have moved to a new location and you can still enjoy their cuisine. Hugs P.S. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop :-)

  10. oh! i totally hate when places i love go out of business! my favorite place in my hometown closed down right before i left and i am STILL not over it (i talk about it a lot still and its been over a year)

    anyhow, this cafe does look perfect. so pretty - and the food does look like art.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. lol, i feel your pain...soomeplaces are just one of a kind! :)