Travel Destinations List: Beautiful Oman & Sri Lanka

Aside from the promise of colder weather, we are also looking at the possibility of yet another very long weekend next month for Eid Al Adha here in Dubai, and the travel bug in me can't help but go into total overdrive once again, lusting to get on a new adventure.

Unfortunately for me, we're still recuperating physically (and financially) from our last vacation in Morocco last month so we might have to pass on the opportunity this time around. But with nearby countries like Oman and Sri Lanka waving enthusiastically and trying to lure me in every time I go online for travel inspiration, maybe there's a chance I could convince my husband so we can pack our luggage and go for a weekend trip. The timing is a bit impractical I know, but these two beautiful countries both promise an amazing travel adventure without actually breaking the bank.

I have never been to Sri Lanka, but I have heard so many wonderful stories from friends who have been there before and they all describe experiences nothing short of grand in relations to their trip to this island country in South Asia. Places filled with lush greeneries and rich with culture and so much history are absolutely the bee's knees, and Sri Lanka offers just that and more.

Sri Lanka reminds me a lot of Thailand, but maybe more like the humble little sister of Thailand as it strikes me as a country that's more rooted to their incredible history and takes serious care of their abundant share of Mother Nature like nobody's business. They have rainforests, tropical beaches, fortresses, cave temples, and the best tea. Everything a passionate traveler could ever ask for really! And did I mention those exciting elephant rides? Win!

I travelled solo to Muscat for a daytrip on business years back and still vividly remember looking outside the window of a plane back to Dubai feeling all low since I didn't get the chance to explore what the country has to offer. It’s just over an hour flight from Dubai and I still wonder why until now it's still stuck as one of my biggest travel frustrations ever. I mean it’s so near here I could almost touch it! I have always wanted to come back and hopefully the upcoming Eid holiday would be the perfect excuse to finally tick Oman off my travel destinations list and I plan to book myself on Oman Air.

It would be so easy for any typical traveler to overlook Oman as a possible tourist destination. While most actually see it as just another Arab country with nothing but a slab of sand to offer, to me its old world charm and unpretentious facade speak for itself. With almost everyone raring to let go of the past and build a whole new world of luxury and tech, it’s incredible to witness how Oman still stays true to their culture and heritage, basking in it proudly for everyone to see. The country offers an authentic and no-frills adventure for every type of traveler. Stunning beaches, golden sand, fascinating ruins, majestic mosques, museums, and a delicious array of food (they have the best-tasting meat cuisines!), the reasons why I want to travel back to Oman is endless!

Any plans for the Eid holiday? What’s on your travel destinations list?
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  1. Wow such beautiful countries to visit, lucky you! I've never really considered Oman as a travel destination, but it does look very picturesque! :)

    Metallic Paws