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We've now entered the last half of September and I seriously don't know how in the world that happened. Everything just went by so crazily fast! Thankfully, Dubai's weather has improved a lot these days and I'm so excited to fully embrace the colder season. You have no idea how much my scarves and cardigans are raring to come out of the closet. It's about time! Few more weeks and we'll finally be on our flight back to Manila again. My brother is planning to go on a quick trip to Singapore with mom and hopefully,  I'd be able to tag along. It's going to be so much fun for sure.

Speaking of fun, I just want to share with you the things I've been loving this week. This short list is so random I know, but I seriously couldn't recommend these awesome stuff enough.

First on my picks of the week list is Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book by John Tiffany and Jack Thorne based on J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series. It's actually the script to Jack Thorne's new play which premiered in London's West End last July. While this book is not at all comparable to any of Rowling's books since it's not written by her,  I have to say that I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It's nice to revisit some of my beloved characters and see how they ended up after the last book. Then again, maybe seeing the play for real would have been a much better experience than this book.

My hair is on a temporary break from harsh shampoos and chemicals with my current combo of Burt's Bees More Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner in Baobab scent. These hair products are made of natural ingredients which means they're also gentle on the scalp and hair since they don't contain sulfates, parabens, SLS, and phthalates. The shampoo doesn't lather very well, but I love how moisturized my hair feels minus the grease after pairing it with the conditioner. I've always been a huge fan of the brand Burt's Bees and this shampoo and conditioner combo is a refreshing addition to my shower essentials.

Also a favorite is this stylish Vogue Colouring Book by Iain R. Webb. I got this for free from the bookstore when I redeemed my card's points and couldn't be happier. Every page is a stunning journey back to the sophisticatedly charming world of 50's fashion and it has become such a great way for me to de-stress. The illustrations, paper quality, and accompanying text are indeed a visual treat. When I'm not curled up in a book or glued on the Fine Living channel, I usually spend time coloring. So relaxing. I think it's even better than yoga!
These two hand-painted ceramic small bowls are some of the many souvenirs I got from our last trip to Morocco. It wasn't an easy feat bringing these fragile beauties back with me to Dubai unscathed, but I'm so glad I did. Aside from adding visual pizzazz to my vanity table, these also serve as a unique catch-all for my small accessories and what-not's.

My love affair with liquid lipsticks intensified even more with ColourPop Cosmetics. My younger sister from the states gifted me with a box of these goodies last month for me to try and I am so loving them all especially their Ultra Satin Lip collection. Pictured in here are Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Tulle and Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Tight Fit - Metallic Finish. They are actually very inexpensive compared to the other liquid lipsticks available in the market, but the quality is at par, plus they have an impressive wide color selections. ColourPop recently launched their Fall collection in the prettiest Dusty Rose hues and I managed to snag Viper, Times Square, and Love Bug all for free during my last haul. Win!

What products are you loving so far?

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  1. These would make such a great present! Super cute, thanks for sharing xxx You will like to see more fun from here.


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