Work like you don't need the money

It's a Sunday and I'm back in the office again. The weather is beautiful today in Dubai, but I really think my system will never ever get used to "Sunday being Monday" in this part of the globe. The rest of the world is still enjoying their weekend, while I start working my butt off. It just doesn't feel right and it has become such a constant struggle in the morning.

Random thought: The advertising world is overflowing with all this spontaneity and gibberish that no amount of planning and organization can ever prepare you for anything. It's a sink or swim industry (whether you know how to swim or not). Sometimes I kick myself hard for choosing this for a career but at the end of the day, the pros always outweigh the cons, so it's cool. Just being surrounded by all this creativity and incredible weirdness is enough to make me stay put. Fighting!

It's now exactly fifteen minutes before lunchbreak and I cannot wait to eat and take a breather. What's for lunch? I am 100% certain that this new cheeseburger pizza from Pizza Hut would be the death of me. Have you tried it? It's sinfully good!

Have a productive week ahead of you.


Friday I'm in love { APPLE LOVE }

One of my favorite people on earth  Apple, recently got engaged, so I've decided to dedicate my usual Friday Love post to her. She's like the coolest person I know and not to mention one of my oldest trusted friends, so I'm really glad her search for true love is finally over. 

Photos from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Apples + Love makes an inspiring photo concept, right? Just looking at these apples is enough to put me in a happy mood. :)

These lovely photos are making me think of hot apple pie or something like that. I think I need to head out now to get some.

Have an amazing Friday, everyone!


Pretty Online Finds

Stumbled upon QuietGirlShop over Etsy a few days ago — a stationery and illustrations shop by artist extraordinaire Valerie Chua. I've been a follower of her blog for quite some time now, but I didn't know she's been selling her intricate arts online. She doesn't have much items posted, but I am totally in love with her 12-Piece Blush Postcard Set. Her paintings are all so dreamy. Seriously, her incredible talent deserves to be on a Free People catalog or something.

Speaking of Free People, they have a new "Shop by girl" feature online. But I'm torn between two girls: Candy and Meadow. I love my loose and flowing tops but my closet is also filled with a lot of lacey and vintage items. Which girl are you?

And have you seen this Cath Kidston retro-inspired patterned tent? I can live inside this tent forever!

It's already midweek, and this week has been a lot of fun so far. Hope you're also having a grand and productive time wherever you are in the world. Keep smiling! :)


Come fly with me

Peter Pan said to Wendy: "Think of a wonderful thought or a happy memory, so you can fly."

Do you still remember the taste of cotton candy? When was the last time you held a pink balloon or the last time you played in the park? Hold on to these happy memories. Because the time you forget all these would be the time you get old. 

I hope you're also having a wonderful day. :)

Images from Luis Monteiro for Tatler UK


Movie Fave: The Out of Towners

Just recently discovered the original 1970 movie "The Out of Towners" and I have to say that this has got to be the funniest movie of all time! Watched it for three times now and I still can't stop laughing. Can't get enough of it. Its comedy just never gets old. A thousand times funnier than the Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn version from 1999. I seriously wanna get the DVD copy of this film!

The story centers on husband and wife George and Gwen Kellerman from Twin Oaks, Ohio who flew to New York for George's big job interview. However, everything in this trip didn't go as planned. From the rerouted plane, transit strike, being mugged (twice), kidnapped, and even busting one of his front teeth after sleeping in Central Park and running after a dog for food, Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis truly made such an awesome tandem in this movie.

With its extremely witty and funny lines, I can really watch this movie over and over again. The writer of this movie is a real beast for coming up with such an insanely engaging script. Below are two of my most favorite scenes:

"Oh, I'm whistlin' through my broken tooth! Hear it? It's a whistling sound! Sssssss! Do you think they are going to give a job to a guy that can't smile and talks with a whistle on his S's? Not on your sweet life!"

"You're not getting away with anything! I've got all your names and addresses!"


Trend Crush: Threadsence x Souls of Mischief

The summer season always brings us something to celebrate about. Just like what they say, summer is that perfect time of the year when we go barefoot and our hearts become just as free. And this Threadsence's Souls of Mischief campaign captures that same happy summer sprit best. This is what summer is all about: fun, laidback, and free. 

What's your favorite season? :)


Girl Crush: Zooey Deschanel

I know I have vowed not to post animated .gif's here EVER, but when you discovered a treasure trove of black and white photos of Zooey Deschanel on Tumblr, it's really hard not to. Currently addicted to her show NEW GIRL. It's unbelievably funny and refreshing. Some episodes were a tad bit boring and predictable to be honest, but they are now bouncing back and I am hooked. I'm so glad they renewed for a second season. :)

She happens to have the most gorgeous eyes ever and with that melting stare alone, I'm very much willing to break one of my top blogging rules. Here they are:

With her charming personality, enormous amount of talents, and adorable fashion sense, I am really so keen on eventually naming one of my future kids Zooey. Call me a crazy fantard now. Haha!

I think I'm gonna watch 500 Days of Summer for the eight time today and pore over some more New Girl episodes with a tub of popcorn and glass of iced tea. Uh-oh. Can hear the additional lbs crawling in but I don't care. I'm back to work tomorrow. I deserve this!

What shows or movies are you loving lately? I'd love some suggestions.

Enjoy your Saturday! :)


April's Fool to Full

Not in the best mood during the past few days. Maybe it's the upcoming summer season constantly bringing in sandstorms and this bipolar weather. Maybe it's my current workload and extra demanding clients with extra thick accent to boot. Or maybe it's the fact that I wasn't able to attend my baby sister's wedding and that I miss her and my family so much. This April fool can go on and on... 

But God has an awesome way of reminding me that everything's okay and will be even better in the days to come only if I'm patient. In fact, when I got off from work last night, I was instantly welcomed by a refreshing rain. Yes! It finally rained here in the desert! Like for real! :)

One of my impossible wishes eventually came true. What are the odds? The closest I've ever been to experiencing the rain here in Dubai is whenever we take Meagan (the car) to her regular automatic car wash and that's it. It felt amazing. Maybe later if I'm luckier, He'd send in a nice rainbow too. Maybe...

Let's make this month a full one    overflowing with positivity, love and gratitude.

P. S. I have partnered with a bunch of really cool bloggers this month so expect great surprises from Icing and Write in the coming days/weeks (Think GC's from ModCloth and Ruche). *winks* If that didn't excite you one bit, I also have gathered some of the most awesome bloggers and personalities in my sidebar all over the globe. Give them a visit and enjoy what these wonderful dolls have to offer. They'll get you hooked. And lastly, you only have until April 5th (this Thursday) to join my giveaway. I'll be announcing the lucky winner on Friday.

Let's keep smiling! :)

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